Jeans for your Body Type


Looking for the best jeans for you? Follow our tips and find your go-to pair.

Best Jeans for Your Body Type

The world of denim has certainly changed. What began as hardy clothing for laborers and plantation workers in the 18th century is now perfectly paired with high heels, creepers and pointy toed flats.

Today’s jean genie might enjoy less hard work and more fashion, but that doesn’t mean finding the right pair isn’t labor-intensive.

“Jeans are like bathing suits,” says our Lead Stylist Lisa Amato. “You need to try many pair on to find the right fit. You also need to ask yourself if you want a trend or something that’s flattering?”

Here’s a little help choosing the right fit for you.

Larger Butt: When you have a JLo-level backside, a low to mid-rise pair of jeans in a relaxed fit is your best friend. High-waist styles just create a wall of fabric behind you (although “mom jeans” seem to be having their 15 minutes of fashion fame). Also try to avoid small pockets or design details on your backside, since they can make your butt look bigger.

Shorter Legs: To lengthen legs, choose darker colored jeans in a straight leg or boot-cut style. To add even more inches, make sure the hem of your jeans reaches mid-heel.

Boyish Figure: Button-front hip-huggers will accentuate your femininity, and you can play up curves with contrast topstitching details on the hips and bum and high-set back pockets.

Pear-shaped: You may be tempted to wear baggy jeans to hide your thighs, but instead think fitted jeans to streamline that figure. Avoid washed out color in the front, and skinny or pegged jeans. Choose generously cut styles, as they won’t call attention to your hip area. Try a slightly flared bottom (big flares are a no-no) to even out proportions.

Full-figured: The Kim K lady should choose jeans that follow her hourglass body without hugging every curve too tightly. A pair of relaxed, medium-waisted jeans with straight legs is your safest bet.

Confused on cut?

A quick hint: Lay a pair of jeans down and fold one of the legs in half on top of itself. If the bottom of the leg is wider than the half point, it’s flared or boot-cut (depending on by how much). If it’s the same width, it’s a straight leg jean. A little bit smaller can mean skinny, pegged or cigarette. Lisa adds, “A straight jean tailored or cuffed to your ankle is always good for all shapes and body types (AKA the Audrey Hepburn Pant).” And she suggests going up a size when purchasing a white or lighter color jean.

A few brands we love:

We’re obsessed with Mother and Frame for fabric quality and trendy styles

Rag & Bone (they run small in the waist)

Citizens of Humanity

7 For All Mankind (known for longer length, these are great for taller ladies)

AG (perfect for a big booty)

J Brand

Current Elliott




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