Consigning Tips

Consigning Tips


Bad news: It’s time for spring cleaning. Good news: This is the perfect time of year to clear out the clutter and make a little money by consigning what you find.

Mounds of clothes are daunting, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to be. We tapped our very own Alisa Castagno for a few tips on how to consign successfully.

Sort it all out. After you’ve tackled your closet but before you come in to consign, sort your stuff into three piles – things to consign now, items to consign next season, and those pieces you want to donate.

Think: what would you buy? When you shop consignment, you only want the best (or close to it). So plan on bringing in items that are the best – in style, in season, and in excellent condition. “Don’t bring us that dated suit with shoulder pads,” says Alisa, adding that items shouldn’t be older than two or three years. Check every item carefully in bright, natural light for stains and pulls. When looking for a home for scuffed up shoes, items with broken dippers or worn out jeans, toss them in the donate pile. When deciding what season to sell, a good rule of thumb is to think two months after the one you’re in. Read: Spring is a great time to get rid of your summer wares.

Leave the hangers in your closet. Bringing in clothing on hangers and shoes in boxes might seem more appealing, but Alisa says the contrary. “It’s best to bring us your items neatly folded sans hangers,” she suggests. “When bringing us your shoes, don’t bring boxes. Due to limited space, we don’t have room!”

When it comes to bags, the more info the better. Designer handbags can pull in a hefty sum, but it all depends on how they’re priced. This is where you can help. Getting the best resale value is easier when all the details come along with the bag. “Tell us where you bought it or how much you paid,” she explains, adding that dust bags, authenticity cards and receipts are also valuable accompaniments. “All this information helps us better evaluate your handbag.”

Prep your clothes. Presentation matters. If your clothes are neat and tidy they have a better chance of being accepted by our consignment experts. Iron shirts to a crisp finish, replace missing buttons, zip zippers, and trim off any loose threads or pills.

Consider partnering with Revolve for a donation. When you drop off your potential consignment, Revolve can donate unaccepted items. “We partner with multiple amazing charities, and it’s a great way to give back,” says Alisa. “Plus, it makes the consignment process even easier.”

That puts an even sunnier outlook on spring cleaning.

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